Our Story

I fell in love with a Dutch guy and then with The Netherlands. With the architecture, old and contemporary. With the brave and quirky art and design. I also fell in love with the Dutch mentality: the directness and honesty in communication. Strangers greeting each other on a street. With people who are telling their personal stories through creation and by decorating their windows, walls, gardens and streets.

I love the beauty of contrast. I notice the rebellious wild flower on the meticulously maintained lawn, adore a vibrant-color armchair in a pastel interior and get excited about a bold necklace worn with your minimal-style clothing.

This conflict between elements brings them together to create a perfect balance. It is what inspired me to start this creative story. The story of Unseen Design.

My name is Aleksandra and I was born in Yugoslavia.

Many nations and cultures were once united within Yugoslavia, and while Yugoslavia no longer exists it still lives in the hearts of the people of the region. Working together with my husband Jorg, I proudly present you fashion designers from my homeland.

A complicated history and cultural contrasts are reflected in their art and design, and represented in our collection. Studio Glina’s designer Biljana transforms raw clay and the hardship of being driven from her home in the war into the finest porcelain of rings and earrings. The robust, futuristic jewelry of Svetlana Vukov emphasizes femininity and sophistication.

Our designers are yet to be seen. So do you.